Maybe which is merely myself, I’d think that the fresh readily available evidence, we

Maybe which is merely myself, I’d think that the fresh readily available evidence, we

Both tend to push some body aside just like the a cover apparatus from concern about getting linked to anybody only to eradicate all of them, and you may both have been penalized to have fundamentally “appearing” the latest Gamemakers, by expansion, this new Capitol, on the way on their gains.

However, Really don’t consider this means “Oh, Haymitch was a student in a romance triangle, which have emotions for his girl home along with his Section Companion, same as Katniss!

Sure, somebody attempting to make one to “parallel” between Katniss and you can Haymitch is fairly a stretch – specifically just like the, for this to actually work although Haymitch have experienced emotions getting Maysilee, Gale would need to have started Katniss’ boyfriend (since some flick viewers seem to imagine he was)…. Though it seems that of several admirers, including Katniss/Gale shippers, believe that intimate relationship between people of the alternative sex equals a connection, and therefore Gale try therefore actually Katniss’ boy(friend) back home – in accordance with the same proven fact that two people out of reverse sex can’t be simply household members. The theory one Haymitch was in a genuine relationship but still dropped to possess Maysilee inside the short-time they spent to each other prior to and you may into the Game, but that their thread was not sufficiently strong for their unique never to plan to break the alliance or for your to let her do this, try, of course, you are able to, however things I might find while the visible conclusion. e. the newest breaking of your alliance, might possibly be seen much more just like the proof for the diminished a beneficial stronger relationship among them, as compared to contrary. Incase a person getting troubled during the its region mate perishing can be regarded as evidence of a connection, following surely well-known achievement is that Annie is in love with their unique district partner, since the she in reality ran insane as he are decapitated – today, which is a much healthier reaction than simply Cato otherwise Haymitch presented. Yet , I really don’t note that crackpot idea everywhere. I guess and here the difference between Finnick and you may a great nameless girl back home will be! Towards the another mention, We agree with what you state, but have problem with the idea one emails staying single – after they cure a fan, or essentially – is a thing that have to be justified by really strong factors, particularly are active or even the insufficient offered guys who maintain four students, otherwise you to remarrying is the only way an individual may establish that they’re “progresses” and you can proceeded with the lives. Failed to a guy, state, just always stay solitary, sometimes because they don’t have any interest in a love, or if they understand no body that they would wish to possess because the an enchanting/sexual spouse (that would become a particularly good probability of some body surviving in an extremely short area where, because you mentioned, around just aren’t as many folks to select from timetravellingbunny says: Game Bookclub: I would personally like to generate good debunking visitor post! ?? Satsuma says:

Obviously, Finnick/Annie is the matchmaking the guide illustrates because a genuine, absolute love one to no one can concern -however, so is actually Mr Everdeen/Mrs Everdeen

Hello TTB: I think that if you need certainly to complete an invitees article, all you have to perform was elizabeth-post they for the VV admins at ?? Re also the fresh new rise in popularity of the “Mrs. E cheated that have Mr. Yards and you may he or she is Prim’s dad” idea; I do not think this might be anywhere near fanon standing, although it does accidentally myself this subjective reason somebody might imagine they plausible, is that lots of fans *hate* Mrs. Age and you can believe she actually is a terrible mom, and that i assume find it easy to take the plunge that she try an infidelity spouse too. We yes did not indicate so you can mean that “characters existence solitary – after they get rid of a fan, otherwise basically – is an activity that needs to be rationalized of the strong grounds”.

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